libsoylent v0.2.0 “management qualities”

The second release features the basic functionality one would expect from a people-library. Create addressbooks and add some people to it. And then remove them again. People management at its basic level.


  • creating, opening and deleting addressbooks implemented
  • added tests for addressbook functionality
  • creating people implemented
  • people can be added and removed to / from addressbooks
  • added tests for people functionality


libsoylent is available for download at:


Bugs, feature requests, questions and related discussion go to the Soylent mailinglist. You can join at:


More information on libsoylent is available at:

2 thoughts on “libsoylent v0.2.0 “management qualities”

  1. Noya Post author

    Hi Gil.
    Sure, for libsoylent and also for Soylent i18n is planed (iirc it is noted somewhere in the of Soylent). But first we will concentrate on finishing the core of the library. I guess i18n will come somewhere after v0.7. For the most part it should be pretty straight-forward to support i18n, though there are some tricky things, like addresses and names, we have to think of in more detail.
    Thanks for your interest :)

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