Noya [live]

Since about three months I’m already running a second blog: Noya [live]. It is a live-blog where I post pictures that are taken with my mobile-camera. This stream of pictures maybe gives a closer and more intimate view of the things I experience from day to day.

PS: the latest pictures are also linked in the sidebar on this blog.

One thought on “Noya [live]

  1. Daeng Bo

    Is Soylent still in development? I haven’t seen any SVN activity in the last few months (basically since 0.5). If it is, I would like to interview you about the project for my blog. If it’s idle, I would LOVE to interview you about why and your feelings about the people-centric nature of Gnome 3.0.

    Contact me.
    danegbo at that famous Google-owned webmail.


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