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Guest Speaker at Debate “Give Me Something That Remains.”

Tonight, there will be a debate in Erlangen about the recent education protests that took place in Germany and Europe, to which I’m invited as a guest speaker. The discussion will cover the analysis, criticism and perspective of the protests, what difference the protests made and if / how we can achieve a just, democratic and emancipatory education system.

10dec Erlangen – United for Human Rights and Global Change

On December 10th, people all over the world again will take to the streets. They will raise their voice and take action for global change – and human rights.

10dec Flyer Web

Echte Demokratie jetzt! Erlangen // Occupy Erlangen [Real Democracy Now!] joins the movement on this global day of action with a visual public discussion.

15.O – United for Global Change

Today, on the 15th October, people in hundreds of cities all over the world will take to the streets for real democracy and global change.

We, Echte Demokratie jetzt! [Real Democracy Now!], a group of people that first came together in May in solidarity with the Spanish protests, also call for an open assembly on the central square in Erlangen. More information…