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libsoylent API draft and schedule

Finally the libsoylent API draft is available. After another week of discussion, I think it covers most of the functionallity the API should provide and also some interesting background information and implementation detail. I’m really looking forward to comments, ideas, suggestions for improvement and also criticism :) .

Last week, besides enhancing the libsoylent API draft, I also focused on two other things: creating a detailed schedule for the rest of GSoC and getting my hands dirty with coding.

Some implemented things already work: creating addressbooks and also listing all available addressbooks. I mostly found out how to do this with libebook by digging through the Evolution source; really a huge codebase. Furthermore I refactored the little libsoylent test “suite” to better work with make check and added some tests for SlBook.

For the schedule I wrote down the tasks that have to be done for libsoylent, developed a roadmap including milestones and releases and planed when what functionally should be implemented. The schedule is available here.

The next one or two weeks I will be very busy (as you can see in my schedule). Tomorrow I’m going to the Southside music festival for 4 days, and after that I will move to my new flat share, what will probably take about a week. Luckily I started early with GSoC and will have much time after the current university term is over :) .