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Noya [live]

Since about three months I’m already running a second blog: Noya [live]. It is a live-blog where I post pictures that are taken with my mobile-camera. This stream of pictures maybe gives a closer and more intimate view of the things I experience from day to day.

PS: the latest pictures are also linked in the sidebar on this blog.

Back Online

Getting this blog online again took longer than expected (more than a month, *sigh*). But as always: better late than never! With moving to a new server a few more things changed:
First I got myself a new domain, namely Consequently the blog has a new address: Please update your bookmarks and/or rss-feed-readers.
Furthermore the permalink-structure (the URLs pointing to individuell posts) changed from “blog/index.php/y/m/d/postname” to the more readable “blog/y/m/d/postname”. Again, please update any bookmarks and/or links you have to posts of this blog.
Also the blog is now no longer called “aboutnoya”, but (more neutral, less egocentric ;) ) “”.
Other changes? WordPress was upgraded to version 2.7. I also think about a new design, what you can see here now is only temporary.

Comming up next: Some (hopefully) more interesting posts :) .

When a Blog Gets a New Home

Yeah, you guessed right: the aboutnoya blog will move to a new server. Straight out of the world of Gates and Windows to a friendlier place powered by a VPS running Debian.

PS: the blog might be unavailable from time to time for the next few days until the move is complete. If that happens, just don’t worry and check back later :) .

WordPress Bug #7306

I recently upgraded to WordPress v2.6. After a quick check, everything seemed to work fine. However a few minutes ago a reader of this blog told me that he encountered some problems: The overview would work, but everything else like reading certain posts, commenting or using the RSS feed produces a “404 – not found” error. I quickly found out that the blog was experiencing bug #7306. The suggested workaround, filling the category and tag fields under wp-admin -> Settings -> Permalink, worked instantly and now everything should be up and running again. Let’s hope WordPress v2.6.1 will be released soon to fix the problem without the need for workarounds.