libsoylent v0.5.0 “let’s talk about…”

Version 0.5.0 brings online-functionality to libsoylent. Want to launch a chat with someone? One function call. Want to see who’s online? One function call. Want to see someone’s online-status? You get it.

This release is also the last one for Google Summer of Code 2008. It’s the result of about four months of work. Phew.

The plan for the next release is that it will be a pure documentation and bug-fixing release. Also in that version: libsoylent will stop taking control of strings passed to it.


  • implemented Telepathy / Mission-Control / Empathy support
  • implemented various functions / methods for IM-information (get online-people, get presence etc.)
  • added communication functions (e.g. launching a chat with someone)
  • added an example for online-functionality
  • enhanced documentation
  • fixed some bugs


libsoylent is available for download at:


Feature requests, questions and related discussion go to the Soylent mailinglist. You can join at:

If you found a bug please report it at:


More information on libsoylent is available at:

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